Frequently Asked Questions


  • HOA Dues $190 per month (starting January 1, 2020)
  • Status Letter and Transfer Fees $300
  • Condo Questionnaire’s fee $250

Rules and Restrictions (Article 15-Use Restrictions)

Indoor pets are allowed only with express written permission of the Executive Board. Ref 15.9.

TV or Dish antennas are prohibited; there is cable and dish service available on site. Ref. 15.6

Window coverings are included with each unit and exterior colors may not be changed without the written consent of the Executive Board. Ref. 15.7.

Designated parking is provided in front of each garage door. Additional parking and guest parking is available throughout the site. Ref. 15.11

Certain vehicles (oversized, trailers, boats, motor homes, recreational vehicles, etc,) are prohibited from being parked or stored in the project. Ref. 15.11.7. There are on site garages available for lease to accommodate these special needs.

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