Newsletter Winter 2017-2018

Board of Directors

Jeff Schreier – President
Nancy Hall – Secretary
Anita McAllister – Treasurer
Rosann Holman – Voting Member
Paula Harding – Voting Member


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Board News

Insurance Company:

We changed insurance companies from American Family to 1st American Insurance Agency. We had various quotes and found this company saving the Association over $20,000 per year. We still have the same coverage.

1st American Insurance Agency
1715 Iron Horse Dr. #104
Longmont, CO 80501

Phone | 303-774-8810 Email |

Contract with Comcast:

The Executive Board renewed our contract with Comcast as a TV/Internet/Phone provider for our community for another 12 years. We signed a signing bonus and received $18,000. We will also be receiving profit sharing every quarter estimated at $4,000 per year for the length of the contract. We also have Direct TV as the other provider for TV/Internet/Phone.

One other benefit is we now have our own community representive William Forseen (970) 988-0076. You will no longer need to call 1.800.XFINITY or go to there office in Loveland.

Landscape & Snow Removal Company:

We signed a contract with NERO Landscape for 2017 & 2018. We are reevaluating the snow removal methods and are working with the contractor to ensure that removal is done on time and effectively.

We are always working and looking for opportunities to make our community better!

Your Executive Board of Directors

Pet’s Etiquette Guide

Picking up your pet’s waste promptly is an important responsibility held by all pet owners. If not addressed, the presence of unattended waste can quickly become a major point of conflict amongst neighbors. In fact, it happens to be the single-most talked about problem in homeowner associations and community manager board meetings across the country.

Managing pet waste takes an entire community. Here are some simple tips for both pet owners and non-pet owning residents alike to help keep pet’s waste from bringing our community down:

Keep an eye out. If you notice pet waste accumulating in certain areas, let your community manager know about it. These are called “hot spots” and they tend to attract more waste the longer they go unaddressed.

When taking your dog for a walk, always keep a couple of pickup bags with you. Even if you don’t expect your pet to go, you never know. It may also be that you bump into a neighbor who has forgotten a bag of his or her own and will appreciate the gesture.

If you forget a bag and your dog does do his business, don’t forget about the waste, too. Head to the nearest trash area for a bag, then go back and pick it up.

So what’s the big deal?

Keeping this waste off the ground is not just about being considerate to your neighbors and their lawns – it’s also about protecting the environment, your family and the community.

Dog waste is more than just a gross and unsightly mess. In 1991, it was labeled a non-point source pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency, placing it in the same category as herbicides and insecticides; oil, grease and toxic chemicals; and acid drainage from abandoned mines. According to the EPA, two or three days worth of droppings from a population of about 100 dogs can contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas within 20 miles to swimming and shell fishing.

Unattended waste can also harm your health. While many of us don’t realize it, dog waste often carries bacteria, worms and other parasites that can be transmitted directly to humans and make them sick. Ringworm, roundworm, salmonella and giardia are examples of such bacteria, all of which are found in dog feces and are easily transferable upon contact. Roundworm, for example, is one of the most common parasites found in dog droppings and it can remain infectious in contaminated soil and water for years.

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Pet Rules and Regulations

All pets must be 50 pounds or less (adult weight) with a maximum of 2 pets per unit.

Pets must be neutered or spayed, properly licensed and inoculated for Rabies. (A Rabies Certificate must be included with the Pet Permission Request Form)

All other pets besides dogs and cats are permitted only with written permission from the Executive Board or Manager. Visiting pets are not allowed for more than a 24 hour period without prior written permission (after filling out all the required pet forms) from the Manager or Executive Board.

The pet may not be allowed to urinate or defecate on decks, patio areas or A/C units, but only on the grass or rocks and must be cleaned up promptly.

To learn more about our pet rules and regulations you can visit our website or stop by at the office for a copy of them.

Thank you for your cooperation!

The owner or persons having the pet are required to ensure the prompt clean-up of all solid waste of the subject pet. Failure to comply with these rules & regulations will result in a fine or fines as set forth on the fine schedule posted on the WFVOA website and in the mail room, and possible revocation of permission to have the pet or pets at WFVOA .

(Pet Rules and Regulations, to learn more go to the website

According to our Declaration of Covenants, every vehicle in the property has to be moved at least every 2 weeks.

15.11.5 Except within a garage, no abandoned or inoperable vehicles of any kind shall be stored or parked in the Project. An “abandoned or inoperable vehicle” shall be defined as any automobile, truck, motorcycle, boat, trailer, camper, house trailer, self contained motorized recreational vehicle or other similar vehicle, which has not been driven under its own propulsion for a period of two (2) weeks or longer, or is not properly licensed or which does not have an operable propulsion system installed therein.

Is your vehicle leaking fluids?

Please help our community to stay clean and beautiful and clean your driveway and parking space if your vehicle is leaking fluids.

Please remember…

Speed limits within the HOA are set at

10 miles per hour

Starting March 1, 2018

One hot tub will be open Monday thru Sunday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Our Executive Board Meetings during Spring 2018 will be on:

  • March 22 at 6:00pm.
  • April 26 at 6:00 pm.
  • May 24 at 6:00 pm.

Your Eyes Help!

We do our best patrolling the property every day, but we can’t see everything. If you see any of the following, please report them to the office or send an email to

  • Apparent irrigation leak
  • Dumping
  • Lights off/malfunctioning
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Pet Violations: Off Leash, Not promptly Picking Up the Waste

Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately by calling 911 or the non-emergency number at (970) 350-9600

Thank you for your help!

West Fork Village HOA
5775 W. 29th St #1601
Greeley, CO 80634
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