Water Heater


Time to consider replacing your hot water heater:

  • If your hot water heater is the original one it is at the end of its life.
  • We are seeing more and more hot water heaters leaking and causing damage to the unit and the unit below.
  • If you are interested in getting quotes you can go to HomeAdvisor.com or any other contractor websites.
  • One option until you can afford one would be purchasing a Water Leak Alarm. They come in all shapes and sizes. One that was recommended by an owner is the Sabre Home Series Standalone Alarm. It is easy to install and requires two triple A batteries. Read the directions to make sure you are following their recommendations.
  • Other items of concern are the ice maker behind your refrigerator and the washer. The Water Leak Alarm would be recommended to prevent future water damage in case there was a leak.
  • It is recommended if you are planning to leave for more than 24 hours to turn off your hot water heater and the water.
  • Also, in emergencies, it is best to know beforehand where all the shut off valves for all the appliances are in your unit. If you have a renter, it is best to walk them through, so they have a good understanding of where they are. It would be helpful to have a map or an information sheet telling them where each valve is. If you are not aware, you can have a local plumber or handyman show you where they are.
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